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Want to be a clearer communicator in English in North American professional context?

Look no further!

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Are you an advanced speaker of English?

But don’t feel as comfortable speaking it as your native language? 

want to become a more impactful English speaker?

But think your accent might be a problem?

Tried accent reduction programs before?

But didn’t get the results you were hoping for?

Schedule your accent analysis with Nat!

So you know what your issues are and can tackle them first for the strongest impact

Standard American Accent Coach

Work on your accent smarter, not harder!

Identify the features that will bring you the maximum results and standardize them first…

… with Nat’s help (easier and more effective)

… or on your own (takes a little longer, but is totally possible, once you know what your key accent contributors are)

Accent Evaluation

Know your accent contributors.

Understand why your listeners may find it challenging to follow what you are saying.

Get actionable recommendations on how to work on what matters most!

Only US$50 for an informative one-hour class

One-on-One Coaching

The most effective way to change how you sound, because these classes are tailored to your needs. 

We will provide customized in-class tasks and homework assignments, review your recordings and give detailed, accurate and actionable feedback.

Short-term courses are best if you wish to target specific vocabulary (for example, as you get ready for a job interview), sounds or other accent features: as short as 4 hours

Mid and long-term courses are excellent for a complete accent overhaul

Get your package now!

4 hours/US$320

8 hours/US$600

12 hours/US$840

Online Courses

Coming soon

Yes, you can work on your accent all by yourself! Start by enrolling in one of our self-paced courses once they are out. 

Let us know you’re interested by signing up to our waitlist

Why Nat?

Used to have a moderate accent

But got rid of it almost completely within the span of less than six months. It's impossible to guess my origins based on my accent now (but yes, native speakers can hear a slight accent)

Is obsessed About helping others improve How they Sound

I know what works and what doesn't and am passionate about helping others to dramatically improve their quality of life

Helps you identify the root cause of the problem

What subconscious phonological rules of your native language do YOU need to violate when speaking English?

Is all about efficiency

I hate wasting my and my students' time working on things that aren't priority.
Targeted practice is key. I can help you identify and rate your priorities, so you can maximize your results

Your accent is NOT who you are

It’s just a set of articulatory habits that make your mouth and throat muscles move in a physiologically nonoptimal way. 

This, in turn, makes it physically hard for you to speak and be understood. 

As as result, you feel exhausted after an entire day of speaking

You Deserve it!

Set up and automate more efficient pronunciation and intonation habits. Sound expressive in English. Be confident that you’ll be understood and make an impact on your listener when speaking in any context: meetings, conferences, or online.

Never ever trip over sounds 

in longer words again.

Never doubt yourself as you speak.

Click here to jump-start your Accent training

It all starts with your decision and a little professional guidance